Lucky Charms Sweet & Savory Bark, Magically Delish… ;-)

#LuckyCharms Sweet & Savory Bark, Magically Delish…

When my sweet, former college roommate and co-founder and partner of HMGMedia invited me to attend the first annual #MiKroger Summit for Content Creators I was so honored…then she asked if I’d be interested in doing a recipe for Lucky Charms…ummm YES!  So are you ready for an easy, fun recipe with a DE-licious treat at the end of it’s rainbow?  Well, let’s start with ingredients…

  • Box of Lucky Charms
  • Kroger #PrivateSelection White Chocolate Chips…you can substitute their almond bark but there’s JUST something extra special about pure white chocolate…the taste, we’ll, you know…(Don’t substitute if possible…)
  • Kroger Stick Pretzels…chop those Pretzel sticks to your desired size…I matched mine to the size of the Lucky Charms and pecans…
  • Kroger Pecan Pieces
  • Crisco stick
  • Americolor Teal Liquid gel food coloring

This is a NO BAKE, boil or simmer candy recipe…if you’re thinking rainbows, unicorns with a touch of savory, here you go…

In OUR HOME we’re very ‘SWEET AND SAVORY’… “Mom, can I have a snack…?’ I hear it every afternoon.  And I know they have the pantry open and are ONLY eyeballing the desserts you throw in a lunch box…my reply is always…’Sweet & Savory Please!’….Our savories in this recipe are the chopped pretzels and pecans (we ARE in the South you know…)…they add a little savory crunch and are ‘good for you’ yum.

First you will line a cookie sheet with anything you already have…foil with a shot of baking spray, parchment paper or in my case,- a sheet of baking paper.  Then you’ll first melt your white chocolate chips with about 1-2 teaspoons of Crisco for 1 minute on high…you’ll stir till these are completely melted heating and stirring every 30 seconds after your first minute…typically 1 minute-stir, 30 seconds stir…wait to watch as your stirring to see if they will melt during the stir…maybe one more round of 30 seconds… ADD your Americolor gel food color…we chose Teal because nothing says rainbows and unicorns like Teal.   We always use gel food coloring vs. liquid to avoid splatter and for consistency…  When the teal colored white chocolate is melted to your desired color, pour into your rectangle cookie sheet and spread with your spatula.

Then, here comes the FAST FUN…you quickly, randomly place your Lucky Charms (first) then place Pretzels, then pecans…this is more about size and biting into all your crunchy ingredients as you enjoy..  Fit them as tightly as possible to get the maximum about of flavors in every bite. You’ll need to move quickly as your chocolate is drying.

NEXT, you’ll let is all cool, harden…this could take up to an hour.

WHEN completely dry, firm, you can cut, chop into desired bite sized yum.  Place on that party platter then get ready for some…’Yummy, Wow, Love the crunch of the pecans and pretzels…’  I do hope you enjoy the Sweet & Savory in each bite!

OH YES, IF you’re a CEREAL lover, just imagine THIS recipe with your favorite cereal and maybe even replacing white for milk chocolate, etc.  Have fun creating your own Sweet and Savory bark to fit your party theme!  Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding this recipe Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa

LASTLY, Did I tell how much FUN it was to spend time with all those food bloggers and their yummy recipes…?  What an amazing event for #MiKroger and Hispanicize teaching content creators about how to work with Brands, UTube Videos and taking those recipes and putting them into a cookbook!

As well, we had a ‘Facebook Live Holiday Cocktails’ with Sweet Life and Muy Bueno #LatinTwist!  What an honor to be with all these delicious, professional food and lifestyle bloggers and among the nicest #MiKroger execs looking to love on some Latin women and men in the food industry!  Thank You dearly Hispanicize and Kroger!