So you know what to expect from CPbyM, please see the below photos of the entrance and inside our kitchen and storage area.


What sets you apart from other home bakers? 
www.ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com is a Smoke Free, Pet Free (as in no pets whatsoever) batch, concierge baking business that operates above and beyond the legal requirements of the texascottagefoodlaw. Melissa is Obsessive Compulsive/OCD about cleanliness… this includes an inappropriate love for her vacuum and Clorox wipes.  She has had her legally mandated Food Handler’s Certificate for herself (over a year before it was mandated) AND any awesome employees who handle food (not just pre-bake bakers), anyone who works here knows and has been tested on food safety.  CPByMelissa has always had a pest control annual contract via Pest Management, and annual air duct cleaning via Climate Doctors.  Melissa wants to go to extreme lengths for customers to feel comfortable in purchasing cupcakes from a home, batch baker. She operates CPByMelissa as if it were a store front that would be inspected by the Health Department.  This ‘operate as a storefront restaurant’ compulsion stems from the fact that Melissa worked in the food service industry to put her self through college as waiter/server/restaurant manager as a Baylor University business management student (Sic’em bears).  She’s also in recent years worked for caterers and chefs in the Dallas area also legally requiring food safety knowledge, certifications, etc.  She seeks to answer the questions she would have if she were purchasing from a home baker.  ‘ConfectionPerfection by Melissa’ is legally registered as a baking business in Collin County, has a BOP, Business Owner’s policy via Jeff Bickerstaff of Nationwide, has responsible sales and tax representation for small businesses via Henderson Edwards Wilson Evetts and is a member of both the Wylie Chamber and Sachse Chamber who believe and love small businesses!  And  for your safety and security, we also have three security cameras that you can read more about here (http://confectionperfectionbymelissa.com/safety-security/).