Gourmet Cupcakes: $3.50-$3.75 Each
One dozen minimum per flavor unless ordering from the posted weekly baking. Please feel free to order any quantity of twelve or more. Please also feel free to coordinate with a friend with their dozen to combine various flavors. No matter how many dozens you order, you will not be disappointed!

Mini Cupcakes: $21 Dozen | 4 Dozen Minimum, 2 Flavors of 24 minis.  *Only Baked in certain flavors.
Two dozen minimum per flavor. If ordering from the posted weekly baking, then you can order a variety in groupings of 12-13.

Gourmet Character, Theme Cupcakes: Price Quotes Available.
Price Varies according to complexity of Fondant Toppers, Decorations, etc.  Two dozen minimum order.

Fondant Toppers: $.30-$1.50 Each
Price varies according to size and complexity. Please feel free (encouraged) to hang out on Etsy, Pinterest, the internet and send an email with photos. Melissa can let you know pricing from there.


Drop Cookies: $1.50-$2.00 Each.  Two dozen minimum order.

Chewy Sugar Sprinkle: $1.50 Each
Jasmine’s Chocolate Sprinkle: $1.50 Each
Outrageous Orange: $2 Each 
Ultimate Chocolate Chip:
$2 Each

Decorated Sugar Cookies: $3.50-$4.50 Each
We have a 4 dozen minimum order, excluding our seasonal cookie offerings (see our Blog and Facebook page). Prices vary according to complexity, size, design, colors, etc.

And more…

Delivery: $25
Yes, we do!
There is a flat delivery fee of $25 within 15 Miles.
Quotes are available for further distances. Usually .55 a mile to/from.
We google map it for accuracy! 🙂

Payment is accepted at pickup via Cash, Check or Credit Card (3% convenience fee).