We offer some surprising and delicious cookie flavors made with the yummiest, quality chocolates and finest ingredients.

Cookie Pricing:


Drop Cookies: $2.50-$3.00 Each.  Two dozen minimum order.

Chewy Sugar Sprinkle: $2.50 Each
Jasmine’s Chocolate Sprinkle: $2.50 Each
Outrageous Orange: $3 Each 
Ultimate Chocolate Chip:
$3 Each

Decorated Sugar Cookies: $4-$6 Each
We have a 4 dozen minimum order, excluding our seasonal cookie offerings (see our Blog and Facebook page). Prices vary according to complexity, size, design, colors, etc.

Chewy Sugar Drop Cookies

$2.50 each/24 Minimum
This is our chewy sugar cookie… we think it’s the buttermilk that makes this a favorite. It’s rolled seasonally in fun colors and holiday sprinkles,we have shipped in from Manhattan.

Jasmine’s Chocolate Sprinkle Cookie

Jasmine's Chocolate Sprinkle$2.50 each/24 Minimum
Chocoholics beware, this cookie is made with dutched Bensdorp Cocoa from Switzerland and rolled completely in true Guittard Chocolate Sprinkles.

Outrageous Orange Drop Cookie

$3.00 each/24 Minimum
Can a cookie have healthy ingredients? Why yes. Let’s try Quaker Oats oatmeal, Ocean Spray craisins, Ghirardelli white chocolate chips, fresh orange zest, orange extract, then tip it off with a bit of Ghirardelli white chocolate… decadently yummy.

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

12294891_959840997385313_1245810712778751180_n$3.00 each/24 Minimum
Think ‘Laura Bush Cowboy Cookie’ on this one…heaps and heaps of ingredient goodness, Van Leer’s Chocolate chips (made by Callebaut), Quaker Qats Oatmeal, Diamond Pecans, Tones Cinnamon and Coconut galore… Tipped with a smidge of Ghiradelli Chocolate. You’ll think, ‘NUTS, I need this cookie!’