Decorated Sugar Cookies are ONLY offered during the holidays, and for bulk/corporate orders of 4 dozen or more/1 cutter SUPER Simple Designs. For smaller quantities, I refer you to several wonderful ladies further down.

CPByMelissa Decorated Sugar Cookies | $3.25/$3.50-$4.50
They start at $3.25 each for 2 Colors (think baseball white/red thread) and they increase in price from there. Prices vary according to complexity, size, design, colors, etc.

These butter based cookies are well, yummy! I love that after 19 years of baking these, I still get that response of both ‘pretty and delicious’! The most common question…’What’s in these’? The truth? ‘Butter and Sugar’….

Ordering Procedure: If you have a particular themed cookie in mind, send me your cookie ideas via favorite photo(s)/link/web address (in ‘comment section’ of order form or via email at: so I can let you know if I have the creativity to bake/create and I’ll also price them for you. I literally have over a thousand cookie cutters in my inventory, but there is a possibility I don’t have the one you need or your favorite. Many customers ship their preferred cutter directly to me, this is great. I’d like you to have exactly what you want, so don’t worry about being over specific… I do have a ‘tight schedule’ on weekends, so please make sure you give me at least 1.5-2 weeks notice and Thank You sincerely for that!


Referrals for smaller quantities: I can recommend these ladies, cookie artists below that do these cookies in smaller quantities and BEAUTIFULLY!  They need a minimum of 2 weeks notice, some even more and run from $3.50 up to $5+.  The below ladies operate their home, batch bakeries with the same smoke free, pet free mindset.  If you know of any others, please let me know, I’d love to refer them.

  1. LPC Creations| Lisa  979-571-4566
  2. Sugar Shack | Jennifer
  3. Aimee’s Sugar Palette| Aimee  *Has gone back to work full-time and is only accepting select once a month orders.

Cookie Chart

EVER WONDER how PRICING comes into play for cookie artists/designers?

Read the ‘Queen of Cookies’ Sugar Belle’s Blog… the husband chore part might make you LOL :-). (