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LOOKING for your NEXT FUNDRAISER? >>> Sneak Preview of some cookie dough fun… & We’ve been ‘super fun’ BUSY Sunday thru Tuesday this week (thus my tardy post)…I will be blogging about this separately and sharing ‘Cash Cow’s’ posts starting next week but let me just say,-We ‘Decked More Than Holiday Halls’ by… More »

FOUR Days of baking this week…Oh Yeah, there’s a whole lotta’ Baking going on… ūüôā ¬†I love my life as a concierge batch baker, no week is ever the same! ¬†Remember, I arrange my weekly baking schedule around YOU the customer via the online order form. ¬†You determine my flavors, four to five flavors max… More »

The life of a fresh ‘batch, concierge’ baker, no week is ever the same! ¬†THREE Flavors of YUM this Saturday & An ‘Outrageous Orange’ Cookie! We’re often asked on Facebook to publish our ‘Business Hours’… ¬†This is ALMOST impossible except for Mondays when we publish our ‘weekly baking schedule’! ¬†Basically, we can work backwards a… More »