What is a batch baker?

So, what is a ‘Batch’ or ‘Concierge’ baker you ask? Basically, I bake as I’m booked by clients only. If I’m not booked by clients, I don’t bake. Remember, this batch baking allows me to completely cater to our clients and bake you a ‘crazy fresh’ cupcake right up to your pick up time… of course we hope you can taste the difference of a never refrigerated or frozen cupcake with the highest quality, name brand, even imported ingredients!

Now normally, I’m still working, baking 20 hours weekly. Which is exactly what I prayed for upon opening the business. Holiday weeks and corporate order weeks are different, think 40-60 hours a week. But regardless, I love that the greatest part of my job is that each and every week is different!

Are there Minimums per flavor, etc?  Yes thank you for asking!  12 Full Size, One Flavor or 24 Minis, One Flavor. Not all flavors can be baked into minis.  Have fun reading about our yummy cupcakes flavors HERE.

How do you get on the baking schedule you ask? Via the online order form please… it holds me fabulously accountable. As long as I have orders by Sunday Midnight, then I work very hard to get you on the baking schedule that week… it’s a fun job and I thank you for allowing me to bake for you! Why Sunday at Midnight you ask? I actually juggle a few jobs and three kiddos (all of whom have busy schedules)… so once Monday morning hits, I’ve scheduled the week’s business and family itineraries. Working full time hours via three jobs is a fun adventure to say the least…. Oh yes, don’t forget you can ‘piggy back’ on existing baking up till Noon the day before. Just check the ‘weekly baking’ box on the order form and let me know what you’d like.

Flavor Booked’, what does that mean?

It means that in any given day, I can only bake 4-5 flavors max and meet our personal freshness expectations, daily work load and-or sleep!  To bake each individual flavor takes a certain amount of time, anywhere from 2-3 hours per flavor (from the starting point of pulling out ingredients, to loading the dishwasher after boxing, ribbon-ing those lovely cupcakes, etc.).  Hours per flavor also depends on the amount of steps each flavor takes as some are more complex than others, i.e. butter toffee layer (Brilliant Butterfinger), filling with marshmallow cream (CookiesNDream), etc.  I’ve learned to multitask and prep ingredients, but it all comes down to quiet undisturbed baking hours…  No matter, whichever client books online first, determines the flavors I bake that day up to four or five…

‘Business hours’|  Determined by our clients…

We’re often asked on Facebook to publish our ‘Business Hours’…  This is ALMOST impossible except for Mondays when we publish our ‘weekly baking schedule’!  Basically, we can work backwards a bit meaning, we’re open for Saturday pickups normally between 10-Noon (we can often have your order ready by 9:30 if needed).  We’re CLOSED Saturday from ‘NOON on till Monday mornings 8am’ (for faith, fellowship and family).  We’re almost always on the phone verifying that week’s orders each Monday morning from 8-Noon.  Other than that, we are at the ‘beck and call’ of those clients that have booked us for that week via the online order form.  Whoever has booked us (at least a week in advance or at the very least by Sunday midnight, is how we determine our weekly baking hours and pick up windows.  We can book your ‘baking and pick up’ ANY day of the week (except for closures), ANY time of the day (except Saturday Noon till Monday morning 8am), with your online order!  DO NOT fret however, you can always order off the existing weekly baking schedule posted on Mondays.  In the end, YOU, the client, determines our weekly baking schedule, other than closures.

We’re humbled to bake for you and yours and ‘Thank You’ dearly for your online orders.  Please do try to book us at least a week in advance ESPECIALLY during the Summer, as we cut our baking hours a bit…  Thank you ever so much for allowing us to bake for you, we promise to do our very best to make your experience and celebration memorable!

Hope you’re having a great day and I look forward to seeing and baking for you soon! 🙂