What’s your address?
1903 Fair Parke Lane, Wylie, TX 75098.  Find us on Google Maps.

How can you bake from your home?
Home Baker’s Bill

What sets you apart from other home bakers? 
www.ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com is a Smoke Free, Pet Free (as in no pets whatsoever) batch, concierge baking business that operates above and beyond the legal requirements of the texascottagefoodlaw.  Melissa is Obsessive Compulsive/OCD about cleanliness… this includes an inappropriate love for her vacuum and Clorox wipes.  She has had her legally mandated Food Handler’s Certificate for herself (over a year before it was mandated) AND any awesome employees who handle food (not just pre-bake bakers), anyone who works here knows and has been tested on food safety.  CPByMelissa has always had a pest control annual contract via Pest Management, and annual air duct cleaning via Climate Doctors.  Melissa wants to go to extreme lengths for customers to feel comfortable in purchasing cupcakes from a home, batch baker. She operates CPByMelissa as if it were a store front that would be inspected by the Health Department.  This ‘operate as a storefront restaurant’ compulsion stems from the fact that Melissa worked in the food service industry to put her self through college as waiter/server/restaurant manager as a Baylor University business management student (Sic’em bears).  She’s also in recent years worked for caterers and chefs in the Dallas area also legally requiring food safety knowledge, certifications, etc.  She seeks to answer the questions she would have if she were purchasing from a home baker.  ‘ConfectionPerfection by Melissa’ is legally registered as a baking business in Collin County, has a BOP, Business Owner’s policy via Jeff Bickerstaff of Nationwide, has responsible sales and tax representation for small businesses via Henderson Edwards Wilson Evetts and is a member of both the Wylie Chamber and Sachse Chamber who believe and love small businesses!

Your Cupcakes are HUGE compared to other gourmet cupcakes… Why? 
Yes, you’re right, they are about 20% larger due to our lovely brown lotus cupcake liner.  You are indeed getting a larger cupcake.

What’s the difference between a full size cupcake and a mini size cupcake?
A mini is approximately a smidge less than half a full size cupcake.  Minis are a nice size… they take at least two bites to eat.

What makes your cupcakes ‘gourmet’?
Here is a fun definition of gourmet from the internet: Gourmet implies quality, something uncommonly good. A person of indiscriminate taste is a Gourmet. A gourmet looks for uncommon characteristics in the food or beverages that make it different. For example, everyone can roast and grind coffee beans. But, to come-up with a combination that will make it different from others and have an uncommonly good flavor will make it Gourmet coffee.
A gourmet cupcake is one of quality, quality ingredients and freshness… A gourmet cupcake is one that you can’t find in a grocery store… Because if you could, why wouldn’t you just go there?  We want to create a unique, delicious experience you can’t get anywhere else.

How much are your gourmet cupcakes?
Full Size are $3.25/12 Minimum/1 Flavor
Mini Size are $1.625/24 Minimum/1 Flavor
*Minimums do not apply to ‘weekend baking’ and/or a day that I am already baking…my baking schedule of flavors is posted on my Facebook Page and website weekly.

Tell me more about your ‘quality’ ingredients?
There is a standard ‘baker’s rule’ to ‘use the best ingredients you can afford’… So I use Dairy sour cream, Borden’s butter, Morton’s salt, Argo baking powder, Arm & Hammer baking soda, Baker’s quality premium sugar, flour, premium chocolates. In the Triple Chocolate Temptation alone there are SIX chocolates…two Guittard’s, including the chocolate vermicelli sprinkles on top, Ghirardelli, full and mini Van Leer chocolate chips (made by Callebaut chocolate, one of the finest chocolates in the world) and Bensdorp chocolate made in Switzerland.

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What’s a fondant topper and why ‘Satin Ice’ Fondant?
Confection Perfection by Melissa uses ‘Satin Ice’ fondant… It’s the nicest quality and best tasting fondant on the market.  Yes it’s more expensive and more challenging to locate, but ‘oh my’ can you taste the difference. It is used by the ‘Cake Boss’ and you’ll see it all over the FoodNetwork channel utilized by professional bakers. Learn more here: www.satinice.com.

What do ‘Fondant Toppers’ cost and how do I order them?
Fondant toppers are special order and need at least 2 days advance notice, preferably a week.  They range in price anywhere from .30 to $1.50 each from the simple to the complex.  In all honesty, there is no financial profit in our fondant toppers.  You are either paying for the ‘time’ to create these or the ‘Satin ice’ fondant.  We just want to be able to provide an added ‘extra’ to go with your party theme if you’d like us to.  If you’re looking for a specific fondant topper or version of one, please email me your top two or three photos to: Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com and I can see if I can re-create and of course price these for you.  While I literally have hundreds and hundreds of cookie cutters both mini and full size (photo coming soon), I may not have ‘THE ONE’ for your fondant topper or decorated sugar cookie.  I have many moms that ship me the exact cutter they’d like directly to my home…I think it’s awesome to know what you like, so please feel free to! 🙂

Fondant Toppers Ballerina2   Fondant Toppers Mario Pokeman

Tell me about your minimums and how I can get a box of 4-6 cupcakes.
To purchase a box of 4-6 of one flavor or multi-flavors can happen any day of the week I’m already baking for another event. You can find my baking schedule posted/pinned on my Facebook page and website weekly but especially for the weekends. Basically, as I’m a homebaker, I custom bake my crazy fresh cupcakes to order.  This allows others to ‘piggy back’ onto existing orders. Other than that, I have ‘minimums’- 12 Full Size/One Flavor, 24 Mini Size/One Flavor.  Weekends are especially fun as you can order a box of 4-6 and get a selection of flavors… Very fun!  Confection Perfection by Melissa will of course bake whatever flavor you prefer MOST any day you need it… We just have to have that minimum number ;).  Closed Sundays for the most part.  All orders can be placed online (so I don’t miss any).  Hope to bake for you soon! 🙂

I saw something on Pinterest…can you bake it for me? 
Probably, or a version of it…:)  Just email me a photo or link to: Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com   Be as specific as possible…I want you to be ‘more than happy’ with your cupcakes.  After I view your photos, etc. I can then let you know if I’m able to re-create and give you a price quote.


Why are there always crumbs on the bottom of my box?  And yes you can eat them and you can lick the box…they’re yours!
I ice and decorate my cupcakes from ‘inside’ the box…yes this has to do with my perfectionism.  Basically, I place the bottom half of your cupcake in the cupcake holders in your box first.  I then ice, decorate, place premade fondant toppers once iced.  This reduces bumping, denting of icing, etc.  It only get pulled out after it’s in your home, or event location.  Basically I want them to look as pretty as possible, as long as possible…that is, before you take that first bite!

Do you make gluten free cupcakes?
No not yet… I have been wonderfully educated by several gluten free families with a variety of gluten free intolerances.  I would have to have an entirely different set of tools/utensils, bowls, spatulas, etc. and wash, keep in a seperate container for you gluten free guys and gals.  I could never be a ‘true’ gluten free home for those of you diagnosed with celiac.  I would merely bake a gluten free cupcake for those who choose to eat a gluten free diet, foods.  On my ‘to do’ list is to at least get you guys a white and chocolate batter… but it won’t be anytime soon, my apologies!  It does make me wonder how grocery bakeries can offer ‘gluten free’ cupcakes without the seperation of tools, etc….maybe they ship them in and don’t bake on site…?

Do you make sugar free cupcakes?
What?! Cupcakes without sugar…who’s ever heard of such a thing? Just kidding, yes we have family members with diabetes so yes, a sugar free cupcakes is on our ‘to do’ or rather ‘to bake’ list… Coming soon ;)!

Why did you include ‘prayer requests’ in your order form?
It was a ‘prayed over’ decision whether to make it a part of our ‘ordering process’ on the website but quite honestly I’ve been praying while I bake for 15 years now…it’s a compulsory act with the Lord and I.  I love it and consider it a privilege that people would allow me to be a small part of their lives in this way…and of course their sweet celebrations.

Do you bake cakes and not just cupcakes?
No I sure don’t, my apologies!  I am by the company name a perfectionist, so I would obsess over every smudge or mistake.  I can however recommend several wonderful bakeries…email me at Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com.

Do you bake cookies?
Sneek a peek at the ‘Cookie’ category tab.

Tell me how to order Decorated Sugar cookies?
Decorated Sugar Cookies are ONLY offered during the holidays, and for bulk/corporate orders of 4 dozen or more/1 cutter. For smaller quantities, I refer you to three wonderful ladies on our Decorated Sugar Cookie Info Page.

Tell me more about your 24 hour freshness guarantee?
All drop cookies and cupcakes are baked within 24 hours of your scheduled pick up time to ensure that they are as fresh as possible. Our cakes are never frozen and are only baked upon order.

Why do I need to give you an exact pick up time?
Since we are not your typical storefront, a pick up time helps me to plan my day to be readily available and to ensure that your cupcakes are as fresh as possible.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we do!  There is a flat delivery fee of $20 within 15 Miles.
Quotes are available for further distances. Usually .55 a mile to/from.
We ‘google map’ it for accuracy! 🙂

Why can’t I buy just one?
I am not a storefront and I don’t have inventory on hand daily like most storefronts.  You can purchase ‘just one’ (what?) or even two on any posted baking day provided you pay the ‘box fee’ (cost of box only/.50 for single and .65 for double) and can pick up during the listed pickup window.  I learned pretty quick not to wait four hours on customers desiring a single cupcake.  Family is top priority and we’re learning weekly how to manage our weekends with a traveling husband and mom who juggles multiple jobs, wife-hood, motherhood (three precious peas) and volunteering.

Do you have a teacher discount? 
On cupcakes only, yes… I was raised by a teacher!

Are you on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest?
Yep-ers…’check us out’, icons on the far right hand of every page of our website.  Click away.  Yes, I know I’m behind on Twitter and Pinterest…apologies!

Do you have any cupcake stands I can borrow?
Yes, we want to make having cupcakes at your event easy.  We have two of the silver ‘Crate & Barrel’ ones and two of the clear acrylic ones (out of California) and two of the silver stands. They are available on a first come, first reserve basis.  They also need to be returned as quickly as possible as to let someone else borrow them.


Can I pay for my order with a credit card? 
Yes with an added Square Up 3% fee. Our apologies for the fee, but we began using ‘square up’ almost 8 months after opening so we didn’t want to increase cupcake prices.

$13 (Box of 4) = .39
$19.50 (Box of 6) = $.59
$39 (Box of 12) = $1.17

Why do I need to put my order in writing via an order form?
So that you get exactly what you want mostly :-). But also, so that no order gets lost or misunderstood. I literally ‘live and breath’ by that order form. I bake exactly what is fabulously written/typed. The order form is how I plug all orders on my baking schedule onto my calendar. I know you ladies and gentlemen know what I mean, but Facebook messaging and texts get lost in the crowd. The order form holds me accountable and your order instructions are read and re-read to your instruction.