Holiday Cookie Decorating Classes| 12/12, 12/13 & 12/17 Please & Thank You,-Register Via the Online Order Form.🌲 Smith Library Class Recap & Thank YOU!

Hello Cookie Fans!  

WOW, our very FIRST Cookie Decorating Class was a HUGE hit, 28 of 30 signees showed up on a rainy night non-the-less (library statistics showed that we should have lost 25%)!  I cannot explain Kathy and my absolute JOY that you helped the Smith Public Library (not the children’s page of course ;-)) have it’s highest liked, commented and engaged Facebook post ever, First or Second record-breaking filled up class offered ever,- and best attended!  We actually increased seats from 20-22 to 30 and although a larger class, we enticed goodwill with Outrageous Orange cookies and the library had a hot chocolate and hot cider table!  One of my favorite moments was finding out that a mom went to bed at 9pm and set her alarm for Midnight just to register!  We were completely honored that the City of Wylie‘s Smith Public Library asked us to teach this class!  Thank you to the City of Wylie and Library for offering our community these wonderful classes. 

We were also VERY Sorry to those of you that didn’t make the class list.  I told Nina Davis, Smith Public Library Adult Services Librarian, that IF we survived, we’d attempt to offer a few classes in our home bakery.  While we can’t offer this class for Free, we do want to offer it at a lower than normal cost,- as so many of you were unable to make the list…AND because honestly, it’s the Holiday season and if I had a choice to spend money on myself or a gift for my child, I’d choose my child as I know you would.  These types of classes range from $55-$75, and average $65.  Please read below as to what we will be offering for $40/$41.20.  I know we’re only giving you a few days to register for the first few classes this upcoming week (our apologies) but if we have any success in these classes, we’ll definitely offer more and give you plenty of notice.  We do HOPE we get to see you soon!  But if we don’t,- May Your Holiday Season be blessed and ‘Merry Christmas’ to you and yours! 😍🌲Melissa, Quick Questions? 

CLASS DATES, TIMES and LIMITED SEATS| ALL Classes are from 7-8:30 PM.  FRONT DOOR Opens at 6:45PM.

  • 12/12,-Wednesday|  Up to 8 Seats
  • 12/13-Thursday|  Up to 16 Seats
  • 12/17-Monday| Up to 16 Seats


  • The Online Order Form is Time Stamped and there are Limited SEATS Per Night.  We will indicate on the Online Order Form when these get booked, IF they get booked, ha!  SIMPLY CLICK ‘weekly baking’ and indicate in the ‘comment section’ the DATE you wish to attend, AND how you’d like to pay?  
  • We’ll need your phone # and email to send a reminder and email you an invoice for pre-payment.  
  • IF WE FILL UP any of our classes, I will email you personally and POST Via Social ASAP.  

COST & WHAT you should EXPECT for $40…

  • A holiday decorated home that you don’t need to clean… ;-).  
  • You do not need ANY supplies,- we will have everything for you.  You WILL have your own set of bagged royal icing and tips, (something we could not guarantee at the library event).  
  • We will be teaching FOUR cookie shapes in 90 Minutes and you get to take them home to showcase, then eat, enjoy!  
  • We will have one or two tables of 8, you can form your own group or enjoy meeting new cookie decorating friends!
  • You will be sitting for most of the class.  
  • We will have dessert, probably a holiday chewy cookie AND a delicious homemade hot chocolate bar with all kinds of ‘stir in’ yum!  
  • A Smoke-Free, completely Pet Free Home Bakery, for those of you that may be allergy sensitive.  
  • Classes might be a range of ages, you can sit where you find most comfortable in two tables of 8 seating.

***OPEN TO ALL AGES|  While I’d like to place the youngest age limit of 12 and Over, you’re more than welcome to register a younger age IF you feel they will be able to concentrate and work well-quietly in an older group setting with group instruction, won’t distract others from learning,- and of course get your $40 worth…completely up to you :-).  ***IF you’d like to BOOK a PRIVATE PARTY in 2019 for your group of 8-16, we can offer that as well.

COST-PAYMENT|  $41.20 Via Square Up Invoice OR $40 Check/Cash Per Person  *PRE-Payment is required to hold your seat as soon as possible please, at the latest 48 hours before your event date.

WAITLIST|  I will create one of these IF needed.  

LOCATION|,- 1903 Fair Parke Lane, Wylie, TX 75098


*SIMPLY CLICK ‘weekly baking’ and indicate in the ‘comment section’ the DATE you wish to attend, AND HOW you’d like to pay?  I also need your NAME, PHONE # and EMAIL for Invoicing.  You can SKIP all other prompts.
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