We would LOVE and be HONORED to get you on our baking schedule!  We are changing our ‘business model’ JUST A SMIDGE, to ‘EVENT, HOLIDAY and POP UP Baking’.  THIS means,- we will be baking a little LESS monthly.  This also means our MINIMUMS have changed.  We need a minimum of 2 DOZEN Full-Sized Cupcakes or 48 MINIS to get you on our baking schedule.  And please🙏 with as MUCH notice as possible.  To read more about our heart BEHIND this change read our BLOG HERE ❤.

PLEASE ALSO SEE THE UNAVAILABLE Schedule below.  THIS is UPDATED WEEKLY.  THANK YOU for allowing us to live our DREAM of working from home in our various businesses and serving our community through volunteerism.  -Melissa

2019 UNAVAILABLE to be Booked DATES|


COMMUNICATION | We do close business and communication on weekends from Saturday NOON till Monday Morning bright and early for family, fun, fellowship and faith…not to mention yardwork, laundry, etc…😉!  The #1 way to get our attention is via the online order form below.

CUPCAKES | Thank you for placing your CUPCAKE order online with at least 1 week’s notice. However, unless we’re ‘flavor booked’ or closed, as long as you get your order in online by Sunday Midnight, we’ll do everything possible to get you on that week’s baking schedule! Don’t forget, we can bake for you any day of the week (except Saturdays and Sundays we do have a specific pickup window 10-Noon)… you just have to hit minimums, 12 Full size/24 Minis (sold by the dozen) One Flavor.

DECORATED COOKIES | We need a minimum of 2 weeks notice for your 48 cookie order. We also have them available during the holiday seasons! 🙂

We are humbled, honored and thankful by all your baking orders! 🙂
– Melissa | Email me: Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com

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