HELLO!  While we would LOVE and be HONORED to get you on our baking schedule, we have changed our ‘business model’ to ‘EVENT, HOLIDAY and POP UP Baking’, WE’RE ONLY BAKING ONCE  to TWICE A MONTH.  Sometimes THIS is published via BLOG but often NOT.  PLEASE SEE the below list for CLOSURES. This ALSO means our minimums have changed.  We need a minimum of 2 DOZEN Full-Sized Cupcakes or 48 MINIS to get you on our baking schedule.  And please🙏 with as MUCH notice as possible.  We’ve already booked for several months in 2020.  Thank you for allowing us, after EIGHT years of baking, to balance a Full-Time job and our volunteerism with a bit of baking!

We are BOOKED UNTIL Fall 2021! 


COMMUNICATION | We do close business and communication on weekends.  As we are ONLY Baking twice a MONTH, we are taking 3-4 days to get back to you, Thank you for your patience!  The #1 way to get our attention is via the online order form below.

CUPCAKES | Thank you for placing your CUPCAKE order online with at least 1 MONTH’s notice.  We’re ONLY baking once to twice a month as we’ve begun another Full-Time job.  It has been an honor to bake for you’ll these last eight years!

DECORATED COOKIES | We are No longer taking custom orders for decorated cookies.  We MAY have these during the holiday seasons! 🙂

We are humbled, honored and thankful by all your baking orders! 🙂
– Melissa | Email me: Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com

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