Weekly Baking THIS & NEXT| 5/12 & 5/13 Mother’s Day Baking (5/10 Noon Box & Cookie deadline) & 5/15, 5/18 & 5/20 :-)

Thank YOU SO much for all the baking order love over the next two weeks!  I will post 5/26 & 5/27  baking as soon as possible.  You’re invited to order from Saturday May 27th’s baking for your Memorial Day Weekend events and Wylie East and Wylie High School Graduation Events!  These last days of school and upcoming holidays will make the days and weeks seem so short right?!  🙂 Whatever you do though, PLEASE Don’t forget the MOM’s in your life THIS weekend!

Did you know that Mother’s Day is 5/14?  

Mother’s Day Baking|
Have you bought your mom her ‘Mother’s Day’ flowers yet? What about edible flowers? 😉 This box is similar to the ‘Be My Valentine’ and ‘Teacher Appreciation’ box. Perfect for any of the MOMS in your life… friends, sisters, aunts, grandmothers or neighbors!
Online Order Deadlines|
1. Mother’s Day Boxes, Decorated Pink Flower or ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Plaque Cookies and Chewy Sugar Cookies| Wednesday May 10th NOON.
2. Four Flavors of YUM Cupcakes| Thursday May 11th MIDNIGHT.

Flavors| Heaven On Earth/HOE, Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT, Wonderfully White/WW & The Tuxedo/TUX
PickUp Days|
May 6th, Friday 4-6PM
May 7th, Saturday 10am-Noon
Mother’s Day Box| $12 *Includes 1 full size cupcake with flower topper, 1 decorated sugar cookie (Pink Flower or ‘Happy Mother’s Day Plaque with flowers) and 2 chewy sugar cookies rolled in flower sprinkles.
Individually Boxed Cupcakes| $4
Full Size Cupcakes| $3.25 *No box charge for 4 or more.
Mixed Box of Minis| $19.50 *Sold by the dozen
Pink Flower or ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Plaque with flowers Decorated Sugar Cookies| $3.25 Unwrapped, $3.50 Wrapped in clear self seal envelopes
Chewy Sugar Cookies Rolled in Daisy Flower sprinkles| $1.25 Unwrapped, $1.50 Wrapped
Place Your Mother’s Day Box Order HERE!

20 HOURS|  This was MY Dream six years ago…to work 20 hours a week baking, what I love!  Now, this of course does not include holidays, as that’s not realistic.  Why 20 you ask?  Because honestly, I work another part-time job.  These two jobs combined have me clocking in full time hours while also being the executive assistant to FOUR humans and three of these (our kiddos) DON’T DRIVE.  This includes all three children’s carpools, three different school campuses, as no one qualifies for school busing and almost all extra curricular activities.  Yes, I have fabulous ‘carpool mom help’, but ‘Ay, Caramba, ‘Oh My’!  Sometimes, I feel as if I actually see myself driving down the streets going the other way…  As well, I REALLY love serving my children’s schools and our church.  Over the years, I’ve allowed those 20 hours to look more like 25, 30, 35 and 40 hours on a non-holiday prep week or holiday week.  God has done something BIG in me in the loss of my beloved best friend and mentor Nancy McDaniel, who passed away January 18th after a 15 month fight against cancer.  My heart (who struggles deeply with disappointing others) and my head have met head on…I WILL stay on task and ONLY BAKE a maximum of 20 hours weekly.  I’m going to try to not miss those precious family moments.  Did I also mention we’ve decided to dip our toes into the world of dance conventions and competitions?  It’s my girl’s heart desire and I’ve finally realized it (after a few years) when I saw her literally dancing in her sleep…  Life is too short and as I’ve learned recently via Nancy, aka our ‘CeCe’, that we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Now remember, I’m still working full time and I absolutely know I’ll work crazy hours during the holidays.  However, once I’m booked a certain number of baking days weekly, I will close the others.  My body AGE (gulp), mind and soul will no longer allow me to work into the wee hours of the morning or pull all nighters, yes, -my ‘ah ha’ moment.  I’ve ALWAYS striven to be a concierge batch baker operating above and beyond the legal requirements of the Texas Food Cottage Law in a pet free, smoke free environment who values quality ingredients and crazy freshness… and I sure hope to continue! <3

NOW, more than ever, will we appreciate your ONLINE ordering in advance.  It will be SUPER duper hard to stick to those 20 Baking hours, but we’ll be praying and trusting GOD to provide for both your and our needs!  Please know that with notice (1-2 weeks preferably), I will do everything I can to get you on the baking schedule and look forward to baking for the BEST and kindest customers I could ever have hoped, prayed and dreamed of year’s ago!  Seriously, YOU are…

How do you get on the baking schedule you ask?  The ONLINE order form please!  Did you know there there are TEN different ways customers can communicate with me via normal email, phone, text and social media?  That online order form holds me accountable like nothing else!  And, it has all that you ask of me in writing, fabulous!  Lastly, our current ‘limited baking’ or ‘closures’ are ALWAYS posted on our weekly baking blog and above the online order form!♥ – Melissa Stone  Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com

2017 Upcoming Limited Baking or Closures|

*Remember, whoever books online first determines the schedule and flavors.  We only bake when we’re booked.  We ask that you give us 1-2 weeks notice but honestly, as long as your order is submitted with all details by Sunday midnight weekly, we do everything we can to get you on the schedule.  Notwithstanding closures, limited baking, holiday baking or ‘flavor booked’ days (but even then,- you can order off the existing menu) 🙂

  • 5/12-5/13 Mother’s Day Baking| Friday May 12th & Saturday May 13th.  Online order form is UP!
  • 5/15 ‘Flavor Booked’  *See Baking Menu Below
  • 5/18 ‘Flavor Booked’ *See Baking Menu Below
  • 5/19 CLOSED| All Three Kiddos have school events throughout entire day, yay :-)!
  • 5/20 ‘Flavor Booked’ *See Baking Menu Below
  • 5/22-5/25 CLOSED|
  • 5/26  ‘Flavor Booked’ will post asap 8-9am Pickup *Baked/Iced Thursday, late evening for early, early morning pickup.
  • 5/27 Wylie East & Wylie High School Graduation Baking (WEHS & WHS) AND Memorial Day Weekend Baking.  Flavor Booked by two clients will confirm flavors and post asap.  Available for PU 10-Noon.
  • Summer Schedule|  To Be Determined.  We will probably be taking a FULL 5-6 weeks off, sporadically in between camps and other obligations.  We’ll communicate as soon as possible.
  • 6/16 & 6/18 CLOSED *I honestly don’t know if we can bake for Father’s Day Weekend.  Once the dance recital schedule is published I can determined then, but honestly I don’t see how this is possible.  I feel horrible!
  • 6/19-6/23 CLOSED
  • 6/27-7/5 CLOSED

*Brought to you by your Smoke Free, Pet Free Concierge Batch Baker  www.ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com

Friday, May 12th & Saturday May 13th, Mother’s Day Baking. HapPY Mother’s Day to all the ‘mom’s’ in your life out there!  

Cupcakes:  FOUR Flavors of CUPCAKE YUM

Cookies:  One Chewy and Two Decorated.  

Scroll UP for full information OR read all details and Place Your Order HERE!

Monday, May 15th

Cupcakes:  FOUR Flavors of YUM 

  • CookiesNDream/CND
  • Heaven On Earth/HOE
  • Remarkably Red Velvet/RRV
  • The Tuxedo/TUX

Don’t forget, mini cupcakes are sold by the DOZEN (Due to box sizes and top heavy with icing- 12, 24, 36, etc.), but can be mixed in the FOUR flavors above.

5/15 Cupcake Online Ordering Deadline|  Sunday 5/14, Midnight.

5/15 Pick Up:  3:15-3:45 or TBD *We are available on and off till 6:30.

Thursday, May 18th

Cupcakes:  FOUR Flavors of YUM 

  • CookiesNDream/CND
  • Strawberry Sensation/SS
  • Triple Chocolate Sensation/TCT
  • Wonderfully White/WW

Don’t forget, mini cupcakes are sold by the DOZEN (Due to box sizes and top heavy with icing- 12, 24, 36, etc.), but can be mixed in the FOUR flavors above.

5/18 Cupcake Online Ordering Deadline|  Wednesday 5/17th, Midnight.

5/18 Pick Up:  2-2:30PM, 4:30-5PM or TBD *To fit both our schedules

Place Your Order Here!

Saturday, May 20th

Cupcakes:  THREE Flavors of YUM 

  • Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT
  • Remarkably Red Velvet/RRV
  • Wonderfully White/WW

Don’t forget, mini cupcakes are sold by the DOZEN (Due to box sizes and top heavy with icing- 12, 24, 36, etc.), but can be mixed in the THREE flavors above.

5/20 Cupcake Online Ordering Deadline|  Friday 5/19 NOON

5/20 Pick Up:  10AM-NOON *We close at noon for family, fellowship, fun and faith!

PLEASE REMEMBER to hit ‘weekly baking’ when ordering and USE THE COMMENT SECTION to let me know quantities of cupcake flavors, etc..

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Ever wonder what a ‘Batch, Concierge Baker’ is verses a traditional store front?  Read Here <3.  We both have tremendous pro’s and con’s (however, who can find a con about a cupcake though really?)…  We shop for gourmet products just like you!


‘Business hours’ |  Determined by our clients…

We’re often asked on Facebook to publish our ‘Business Hours’…  This is ALMOST impossible except for Mondays when we publish our ‘weekly baking schedule’!  Basically, we can work backwards a bit meaning, we’re open for Saturday pickups normally between 10-Noon (we can often have your order ready by 9:30 if needed).  We’re CLOSED Saturday from ‘NOON on till Monday mornings 8am’ (for faith, fellowship and family).  We’re almost always on the phone verifying that week’s orders each Monday morning from 8-Noon.  Other than that, we are at the ‘beck and call’ of those clients that have booked us for that week via the online order form.  Whoever has booked us (at least a week in advance or at the very least by Sunday midnight, is how we determine our weekly baking hours and pick up windows.  We can book your ‘baking and pick up’ ANY day of the week (except for closures), ANY time of the day (except Saturday Noon till Monday morning 8am), with your online order!  DO NOT fret however, you can always order off the existing weekly baking schedule posted on Mondays.  In the end, YOU, the client, determines our weekly baking schedule, other than closures.

We’re humbled to bake for you and yours and ‘Thank You’ dearly for your online orders.  Please do try to book us at least a week in advance ESPECIALLY during the Summer, as we cut our baking hours a bit…  Thank you ever so much for allowing us to bake for you, we promise to do our very best to make your experience and celebration memorable!

Cupcake Prices

Full Size | $3.25 Each
No box/green fee for 4 cupcakes or more
.65 for box of two (zero profit)

Mini Size | $1.625 Each/Order in groups of 12 please
We have boxes that hold one dozen ($19.50) or two dozen minis ($39).

YES, you may order a MIXED Box of Minis …just let me know in the comment section.

You will receive an email, text or phone call to verify that we received your order w/in 24 hours. Thank You for placing your orders by deadlines listed above before your preferred baking day(s). This helps me to prep for the next day’s baking. If you miss the deadline, no worries, I’m sure I’ll have some overages as baking batches are always uneven. Remember ‘weekend’, this type of baking, is super fun… NO ‘dozen’ MINIMUMS (Full Size) because you’re basically ‘piggy backing’ onto existing orders… so go for that box of 4 or 6 with lots of fun flavors.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at: Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com

Thank you dearly,