Weekly Baking| Saturday July 20th, Hello Summer🌞, Upcoming Changes & Thank you dearly💗!

IF you just want to see what we’re baking for THIS Saturday 7/20, simply SCROLL DOWN…🙌💕!

We CANNOT SAY THANK YOU enough for the time you have given us to settle our mom’s affairs.  Her ‘Celebration of Life’, spreading of her ashes and packing up a decade of her life in Brazil took our family and myself to Austin, Brazil and Corpus Christi…it has been an emotional but sweet season.  Thank you for allowing us this time.  And,- Thank you DEARLY for the sweet comments, texts and messages…while I may not have been able to reply much, I promise we read each and every one.  You have blessed and comforted more than we could ever thank or express.  Thank You sincerely Again!  OH YES, and a belated ‘Happy Summer’ to you all…I know we only have a month left of Summer!  So, here’s hoping you are living it to the FULLEST! -Melissa

Upcoming Changes…

We are seeking a NEW ADVENTURE and have been praying for this for honestly over a year.  While we don’t exactly know ‘what’s next’, we are starting with a few simple changes for now and will update you as we have more.  I’ll try to explain, but IN SHORT, we’re HOPING, Praying and Believing by Faith for upcoming changes in our ‘business model’.  We would like to move towards being an ‘Event, Holiday and Pop Up only’ concierge bakery.  What this means to you, for now, is that our minimums have changed (2 Dozen Full or 48 Minis-Cupcakes).  And while we may bake a little LESS monthly, we will be able to always have more flavors for you to choose from.  PLEASE DON’T let this deter you from ordering.  AND Don’t Forget. There are NO Minimums (except 12 minis due to box sizes) on ‘weekly baking’.  You can follow us on our Facebook Page and sign up for ’email notifications’ (Far right bar) to find out when we’re baking!  If you have any questions, please, please don’t hesitate to email me,… Melissa@ConfetionPerfectionByMelissa.com.

The WHY…

*Our Family…I have always ‘worked’ full-time hours and beyond (moms are amazing) inside and outside the home both Paid and Unpaid in volunteerism.  Our three children are very active and the time has come where working EVERY Friday night and Saturday morning is no longer do-able.  So I need to start searching for a Part-Time paid position during the Monday-Friday workweek.  Know that I already juggle a small international job plus my baking…The Book to the left has been a game-changer for me this Spring (especially watching my mom’s fight and ultimate loss to Pancreatic Cancer) …I’ve read this book twice.  I OFTEN ask older parents that have gone before us,- ‘IF there’s ONE thing you could change and ‘do-over’ with your children,-what would it be?!  For our family, there’s an opportunity to live the next two years alongside our High School son’s life differently, and then, of course, our Junior High daughter and Intermediate son!  If you have a chance to grab a copy, it’s lovely!

*We have been baking as a professional business for EIGHT YEARS now (2012), food costs have gone up and our prices have changed once, years ago.  The ‘cost of a cupcake’ has increased exponentially (think butter, vanilla and chocolate prices alone over the last 5 years).  So, while we are still crazy committed and LOVE bringing you the freshest and highest quality ingredient cupcake, in a smoke-free and completely pet-free environment,- we are seeking to work smarter and more efficiently!

Thank you for your kindness, you,-our sweetest customers, are WHY we do what we do! It is a JOY and HONOR to bake for the kindest folks out there!

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

FOUR Flavors of Cupcake YUM……Cookies NDream & Peanut Butter Plunge, Oh my!

  • CookiesNDream/CND
  • Heaven On Earth/HOE
  • Peanut Butter Plunge/ PBP **Contains Peanuts of all kinds!
  • Tuxedo/TUX
  • PLEASE See a Description of all the above flavors HERE
    Don’t forget, mini cupcakes are sold by the DOZEN (Due to box sizes and top heavy with icing- 12, 24, 36,etc.) but can be mixed in the FOUR flavors (CND, HOE, PBP & TUX) above..  A box of 13 Minis is $19.50

7/20  Ordering Deadline| Friday 7/19,- NOON or you can just plug in your online order TODAY! 😉

7/20  Cupcake Pick Up| 10-Noon *We close at Noon till Monday 8am for Family, Fellowship, Fun and Faith (as well as laundry, yardwork, dance, etc.)!

‘Business hours’ |  Determined by our clients…

We ONLY BAKE when we’re BOOKED Via our ONLINE Order FORM.  YOU and our schedule of course, determine our Bakking work hours.  PLEASE and Thank You in advance for giving us 1-2 weeks notice.  The Online Order form is what we LIVE and BREATHE by…we check this TWICE DAILY 😍.  It holds us beautifully accountable!  We will normally contact you within 24-48 hours, unless it’s a Friday-Sunday.  Then, we’ll contact you bright and early Monday morning.  Thank you dearly!