Weekly Baking| Friday August 30, The quickest Blog as the deadline to order is tomorrow! 🙃

Weekly Baking| Friday August 30, The quickest Blog as the deadline to order is tomorrow! 🙃

We’re baking tomorrow night!  All orders are due via the ONLINE Order form by 4PM tomorrow 8/29.  Please forgive us for the delayed post,- but I do promise to make sure I over bake a smidge…These will be ready for PickUp Friday @8:30am and throughout the day but ALL orders must be picked up by 4PM Please and Thank You!  We need to get to the First WEHS Varsity Game of the season!  #RaiderNation Hope to see you soon!  ❤Melissa

Friday, August 30th, 2019  We are ‘EVENT Baking’ This Thursday Night/FRIDAY…

THREE Flavors of Cupcake YUM…..

  • Brilliant Butterfinger/BB *Apologies, these (BB) cannot be baked in the Mini size.
  • Strawberry Sensation/SS
  • Wonderfully White/WW
  • ALL Cupcakes will be Baked and Iced Thursday Evening to late evening for that early morning Due Date (*24 Hour Freshness guarantee).
  • PLEASE See a Description of all the above flavors HERE
    Don’t forget, mini cupcakes are sold by the DOZEN (Due to box sizes and top heavy with icing- 12, 24, 36,etc.) but can be mixed in the TWO flavors (SS & WW) above.. A box of 13 Minis is $19.50

8/30  Ordering Deadline| Thursday 8/29 (TOMORROW),- 4PM or you can just plug in your online order TONIGHT! 😉 

8/30  Cupcake Pick Up| 8:15-9:15 or TBArranged up till 4PM *We close at 4PM to get to a 4:30 appointment IF you PRE-PAY Via Square Up Invoicing, (NO CC charges),- we can pop your order on our front porch in our cupcake cooler if you can grab your order by 6PM.


‘Business hours’ |  Determined by our clients…

We ONLY BAKE when we’re BOOKED Via our ONLINE Order FORM.  YOU and our schedule of course, determine our Baking work hours.  PLEASE and Thank You in advance for giving us 1-2 weeks notice.  The Online Order form is what we LIVE and BREATHE by…we check this TWICE DAILY 😍.  It holds us beautifully accountable!  We will normally contact you within 48-72 hours, unless it’s a Friday-Sunday.  This may take is a bit longer!