Weekly Baking| Friday August 23rd, Happy B2S &..Life Is Like Underwear, Change IS GOOD 🩲💙🤣!

WE ARE ‘POP UP’ BAKING THIS FRIDAY….THREE Cupcake Flavors AND A Drop Chewy Sugar Cookie,-Want to know the secret ingredient for THREE of our Menu Items?  #Buttermilk 😋SCROLL DOWN for information!>>>>>

We’ll be baking 2-4 Times a MONTH,- not a WEEK…WE’D LOVE to get you on our baking schedule for 2019-2020 TODAY👐… (We’ll post closure dates by this weekend for sure…)

HappY, HappY Back To School To YOU ALL🍎!  As we mentioned in our last BLOG (4.5 weeks ago,-yikes, so sorry),-We are seeking a NEW ADVENTURE and have been praying for this for honestly OVER a year.  IN SHORT, we are changing the ‘business model’ to EVENT, HOLIDAY and POP UP Baking ONLY.  In the last several years, we have baked from about 2-4 times a week equaling @20 hours a week, as I balanced two other small side jobs.  Holidays, of course, were always different, more like 40-60 hours a week.  But anyhow, we are now ONLY baking 2-4 times a month.  WHY you ask?  For many reasons but for sure…I lost my mom in May and I turned fifty in July…I finally realized that I cannot stand and bake for 8-12 hour shifts anymore and,- that life is too short to keep missing my kiddos weekend activities…  While I LOVE to bake, it’s physically exhausting.  Also, and more importantly, our kids are rounding out their PRE-college academic careers… we have a Junior in HS, an 8th Grader and a 6th Grader,- that means my husband and I are 2, 5 and 7 years away from the firsts and lasts pre-college years for these three! WE want them to see us running alongside them with our pom-poms, water bottles and maybe even rulers to make sure they’re studying for those upcoming SAT’s😂.  We have two actors and singers (Church and Junior High productions), two school choir kids, a competitive dancer, competitive Rubik cuber, a HS football player, church youth group-ers and also spend heaps of time at skate parks with two skateboarders, MOST of these events are on the WEEKENDS, so we need to continue to clear them😬.  It’s a long time saying around here that when everyone else is winding down their weeks and ‘clocking out’, I’m ‘clocking in’…  We especially want our introverted Football dude (two years from college) to FEEL and know our hearts for him,-Dad attends every game and now I get to!  I even took a WEABC volunteer position JUST to be in his ‘line of sight’ …I literally PRAY he feels my presence at his JV games and as I’m serving at Varsity ones…  We can’t wait to see what God will do his final two years of High School!  The Lord has provided a very dear, exciting and blessed new job for me where I work three days a week, 24 hours a week…  So I will be joyfully and sadly cutting my baking hours to have a better work-home-serve life balance.

So what does ‘Event, Holiday and Pop Up only’ concierge baking MEAN to YOU?  First, minimums have changed (2 Dozen Full or 48 Minis-Cupcakes,-you can still order two flavors).  Kathy (baking assistant extraordinaire) and I need to block workdays and work hours productively as FAR in advance as possible.  Wednesday and Friday DAY will be GREAT baking days for us by the way…   Second, IF you need us, especially EVENTS, PLEASE get on our baking schedules ASAP.  We will obviously have to give more ‘no’s’ than in the past.  Please forgive us and PLEASE BOOK EARLY, BOOK NOW.  The ‘No’s’ are going to be so tough for us but we literally cannot be in two places at once.  And there will be weeks we don’t bake at all.  The good news is that while we may bake LESS days monthly, we will be able to always have more flavors for you to choose from.  PLEASE DON’T let this new ‘business model’ deter you from ordering via the online order form, we welcome the possible opportunity.  Third, we may take LONGER to communicate with you, instead of 24 hours or less,- it may be 24-48 (72 if over a weekend).  But remember, you’ll be booking weeks and weeks in advance😘,- so we should be good.  Fourth, -Weekly Baking or BLOGGING will happen LESS, may be just twice a month as we get booked and schedule 10-14 days out and determine what will fit our schedules, etc.  Also, our blogging will NOT be on a certain day of the week so please,- IF you haven’t already,- sign up for EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS!  They come straight to your inbox once I publish!  AND Lastly, Don’t Forget, -there are NO Minimums (except 12 minis due to box sizes) on ‘weekly baking’ once blogged.  You can follow us on our Facebook Page and sign up for ’email notifications’ (Far right bar) to find out when we’re baking!

In closing, we cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough for ALL the YEARS (We slowly began November of 2011, so going on Year 8!) of baking you have blessed us with….AND we’re not done!  Maybe, we’ll even see you this Friday?!  If you have any questions, please, please don’t hesitate to email me,… Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com.

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

THREE Flavors of Cupcake YUM……and ONE Drop Chewy Cookie!  Want to know the secret ingredient for THREE of our Menu Items?  #Buttermilk 😋

  • Heaven On Earth/HOE
  • Irresistible Italian Creme/IIC *Apologies, these (IIC) cannot be baked in the Mini size.
  • Remarkably Red Velvet/RRV
  • PLEASE See a Description of all the above flavors HERE
    Don’t forget, mini cupcakes are sold by the DOZEN (Due to box sizes and top heavy with icing- 12, 24, 36,etc.) but can be mixed in the TWO flavors (HOE & RRV) above.. A box of 13 Minis is $19.50
  • Chewy Sugar Cookies rolled in primary Jimmies… $1.25Each

8/23  Ordering Deadline| Thursday 8/22 (TOMORROW),- 4PM or you can just plug in your online order TODAY! 😉

8/23  Cupcake Pick Up| 3-4:30pm or 6-7PM *We close at 4:30 to get to a 5PM appointment and re-open at 6pm for one hour.  IF you PRE-PAY Via Square Up Invoicing, (NO CC charges),- we can pop your order on our front porch in our cupcake cooler if you need your order from 4:30-6pm.  


‘Business hours’ |  Determined by our clients…

We ONLY BAKE when we’re BOOKED Via our ONLINE Order FORM.  YOU and our schedule of course, determine our Baking work hours.  PLEASE and Thank You in advance for giving us 1-2 weeks notice.  The Online Order form is what we LIVE and BREATHE by…we check this TWICE DAILY 😍.  It holds us beautifully accountable!  We will normally contact you within 48-72 hours, unless it’s a Friday-Sunday.  This may take is a bit longer!