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FOUR Days of baking this week…Oh Yeah, there’s a whole lotta’ Baking going on… ūüôā ¬†I love my life as a concierge batch baker, no week is ever the same! ¬†Remember, I arrange my weekly baking schedule around YOU the customer via the online order form. ¬†You determine my flavors, four to five flavors max… More »

HaPPpY Summer & Thank You for letting ‘us’ have some precious family time this upcoming¬†weekend (July 29th-31st-CLOSED)¬†for a mini family reunion! ¬†Now,…Who needs gourmet cupcakes for the work (or home) office THIS Thursday? We’re baking FIVE flavors of YUM this Wednesday night for early morning Thursday pickup! ¬†Keep reading below for those five fun flavors… More »

Wednesday, April 27th. Cupcakes: 3 Flavors of YUM. Strawberry Sensation/SS Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT Wonderfully White/WW Wednesday¬†Ordering¬†Deadline:¬† Tuesday, TODAY 4/26, 4PM Wednesday¬†Pick Up:¬†1-2PM, 3-5PM or TBD Saturday, April 30th. Cupcakes: 3 Flavors of YUM. Remarkably Red Velvet/RRV Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT Wonderfully White/WW Saturday¬†Ordering¬†Deadline:¬†¬†Friday 4/29, 4PM Saturday¬†Pick Up:¬†10-Noon Place Your Order NEXT WEEK is Teacher Appreciation Week… More »