HaPpY ‘4th of July, Three Day Weekend’ to You & Yours! :-)

Designs-by-Serendipity-Fourth-of-July-Poster-Image-2HaPPpY 4th of July, Three Day Weekend, to you and yours!

While we’re NOT baking this week, …Teaching both a Food Decorating and Cooking Class at our church’s Summer Music Camp this week and CLOSED this 4th of July weekend, we are baking this Summer!  Please feel free to place all orders ONLINE at:  www.ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com or HERE as far in advance as possible (one week at least please).  

Summer’s are usually a lighter baking schedule as everyone travels, swims, suns and popsicles, but we do hope to see you soon!  

THANK YOU dearly for letting us close to celebrate my ‘Yankee Doodle Birthday’ with my mom, who visits from out of the country once a year!

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Ever wonder what a ‘Batch, Concierge Baker‘ is verses a traditional store front?  Read Here <3.  We both have tremendous pro’s and con’s (however, who can find a con about a cupcake though really?)…  We shop for gourmet products just like you!

2016 Upcoming Summer Closures

  • SUMMER Closures or Limited Baking:  
    • June 27th-29th-Limited Baking/1-2 Flavors Max (Teaching a Summer Camp:  ‘Average Joe’ (www.flipflopsummer.com)
    • June 30th-July 4th CLOSED (HappY 4th of July to you and yours!)
    • July 14th-18th-CLOSED
    • July 29th-31st-CLOSED
    • August 12th & 13th-CLOSED


‘Business hours’|  Determined by our clients…

We’re often asked on Facebook to publish our ‘Business Hours’…  This is ALMOST impossible except for Mondays when we publish our ‘weekly baking schedule’!  Basically, we can work backwards a bit meaning, we’re open for Saturday pickups normally between 10-Noon (we can often have your order ready by 9:30 if needed).  We’re CLOSED Saturday from ‘NOON on till Monday mornings 8am’ (for faith, fellowship and family).  We’re almost always on the phone verifying that week’s orders each Monday morning from 8-Noon.  Other than that, we are at the ‘beck and call’ of those clients that have booked us for that week via the online order form.  Whoever has booked us (at least a week in advance or at the very least by Sunday midnight, is how we determine our weekly baking hours and pick up windows.  We can book your ‘baking and pick up’ ANY day of the week (except for closures), ANY time of the day (except Saturday Noon till Monday morning 8am), with your online order!  DO NOT fret however, you can always order off the existing weekly baking schedule posted on Mondays.  In the end, YOU, the client, determines our weekly baking schedule, other than closures.

We’re humbled to bake for you and yours and ‘Thank You’ dearly for your online orders.  Please do try to book us at least a week in advance ESPECIALLY during the Summer, as we cut our baking hours a bit…  Thank you ever so much for allowing us to bake for you, we promise to do our very best to make your experience and celebration memorable!

Cupcake Prices

Full Size | $3.25 Each
No box/green fee for 4 cupcakes or more
.65 for box of two (zero profit)

Mini Size | $1.625 Each/Order in groups of 12 please
We have boxes that hold one dozen ($19.50) or two dozen minis ($39).

YES, you may order a MIXED Box of Minis …just let me know in the comment section.

You will receive an email, text or phone call to verify that we received your order w/in 24 hours. Thank You for placing your orders by deadlines listed above before your preferred baking day(s). This helps me to prep for the next day’s baking. If you miss the deadline, no worries, I’m sure I’ll have some overages as baking batches are always uneven. Remember ‘weekend’, this type of baking, is super fun… NO ‘dozen’ MINIMUMS (Full Size) because you’re basically ‘piggy backing’ onto existing orders… so go for that box of 4 or 6 with lots of fun flavors.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at: Melissa@ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa.com

Thank You!