FRIDAY 2/10 Is the $12 ‘Be My Valentine Box’ Deadline, no Weekly Baking this week? Yes, it’s true, read why…

THIS FRIDAY 2/10 is the absolute LAST DAY to order your $12 Be My Valentine Boxes and cookies available for 2/13 and 2/14, 3-6pm pickup.  See all details below.  PLEASE get your orders in as soon as possible and ‘Thank You HEAPS’ for your lovely orders thus far!  We won’t be able to sponsor a Social Media ‘SHARE’ contest this week, but promise to have an extra fun and different contest very soon <3.

So, why aren’t we baking this weekend you might ask?  Basically 2017 has presented itself with a new ‘part-time baking vision, mentality’ (other than holiday weeks where we do work 80+ hours weekly).  We’re cutting our baking business hours as…,- my second job is requesting more hours and I’m literally juggling two jobs full time  hours, I’m also an executive assistant to four humans and volunteering, serving is important to our family.  This week while I may not be baking for the public, I’m baking for two private events and Valentine’s Day Box baking prep, which means box building, labeling, ribbon cutting, etc.  Besides ALL of that, for 2017, we’re attempting to add a bit of ‘margin’ in our lives to be more active and present at our children’s activities.  I.E. this week alone we get to build balloon monsters for a holiday party, be a home room parent, attend a final basketball game of the season and watch my daughter perform in her dance studio’s premiere (that’s besides plugging in full time work hours mind you).  You know, since losing my best friend of 19 years CeCe, I’ve been hit with the reality that I cannot keep working at the past rate of speed.  I’m already missing my son as he enters High School next year…We’re desperate to buy back some time…now, where are my tissues?!  We’re faithfully trusting God for your baking needs and our financial ones.  I really do hope we get to bake for you in the future.  Just know, now more than ever, your online baking orders are so very appreciated and needed.  We prefer 1-2 weeks notice but honestly, as long as your order is submitted online by Sunday midnight, we do everything we can to work with you unless of course,- we’ve already been booked for the week.  Thank you greatly for your support!  We appreciate you all so very much.  With utmost sincerity and respect, -Melissa Stone

2017 Upcoming Limited Baking or Closures Thus Far

*Remember, whoever books online first determines the schedule and flavors.  We only bake when we’re booked.  We ask that you give us 1-2 weeks notice but honestly, as long as your order is submitted with all details by Sunday midnight weekly, we do everything we can to get you on the schedule.  Notwithstanding closures, limited baking or flavor booked days (but even then, you can order off the existing menu) 🙂

  • 2/10 & 2/11 CLOSED
  • 2/13 & 2/14 Valentine’s Box & AlaCarte Baking | Preset cupcake flavors and two cookies.  Please order from this menu by 2/10 deadline.
  • 2/25/2017 | Flavor Booked –> Wonderful Wedding Baking, Hooray!  You CAN order off their FIVE flavor menu posted by 2/21 🙂
  • 3/4 CLOSED | We can bake for you on Friday 3/3 with afternoon/early evening pickup. Book online ASAP.
  • 3/6-3/12 | LIMITED Baking WISD Spring Break.  Book Online ASAP.
  • 3/25 CLOSED | We can bake for you on Friday 3/24 with afternoon/early evening pickup. Book online ASAP.
  • 4/8 CLOSED | We can bake for you on Friday 4/7 with afternoon/early evening pickup. Book online ASAP.
  • 4/15 EASTER BAKING | PickUp 10-Noon
  • 4/24 CLOSED 23rd Annual Taste of Wylie
  • 5/1-5/5 | Teacher Appreciation Week –> Teacher Boxes will be available Dates TBD
  • 5/19 CLOSED

Now, onto the $12 Be My Valentine’ Boxes information…Hope we get to see you next week! 🙂

Tired of boxes of chocolates and gorgeous flowers on Valentine’s? Me neither, but how about a variety of four delicious confections in one box? A sweet and simple way to say ‘You’re Special’, because they are… Perfect for your children, teachers, friends or that special someone…and just maybe, order one for yourself!

The Be My Valentine’s Box Includes:

1 Full Size Cupcake with Heart Fondant Topper, Your Choice of flavors…

  • Strawberry Sensation/SS|  Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Icing
  • The Tuxedo/TUX|  Chocolate Cupcake with White Cream Cheese Icing OR
  • Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT|Chocolate Cupcake with Bensdorp Cocoa Buttercream Icing

More on Cupcake Flavors Here.

1 Decorated Heart Swirl Patterned Sugar Cookie
2 Chewy Sugar Cookies Completely Rolled in mini Heart Sprinkles

Carefully presented in a box tied with a raffia ribbon bow and a write on Valentine label that allows you to put your ‘To’ & ‘From’!

ChewySCSquareDecorated SC Square

Individual Cookies|

Decorated Heart Sugar Cookie
$3 Each/$3.25 Individually Wrapped with Label
Sugar Cookie Rolled in Mini Heart Sprinkles
$1.25 Each/$1.50 Individually Wrapped with Label

Ordering Deadlines|

The $12 ‘Be My Valentine’ BOX & All Cookie Deadline:  

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10th at MIDNIGHT, for BOTH baking days.  No exceptions, apologies!  Each year we have overages daily that we post on our FACEBOOK page but we cannot guarantee them.  Thank you for understanding our organizational methods.  We strive greatly to get you the freshest cupcake and cookies ever!  As well, the decorated sugar cookies need a 48 hour lead time.  Thank You, thank you again heaps!

Cupcakes ONLY can be ordered after 2/10 via the online order form as long as orders are in 4pm the day before your pickup date so Sunday 4PM for Monday, Monday 4pm for Tuesday.

Pick Up Days|

Monday, February 13: 3-6pm Pick Up  *IF we’re running a bit early on this day, we’ll let you know via email.
Tuesday, February 14:
 3-6pm Pick Up *IF we’re running a bit early on this day, we’ll let you know via email.
Cupcakes are baked FRESH each morning.

Pick Up Location:  1903 Fair Parke Lane, Wylie, TX 75098

Click Here to Place Your Order!

*To pick up orders on multiple days, please submit SEPARATE orders for each pick up DAY needed.


‘Be My Valentine’ Box | $12 Each

Decorated Heart Sugar Cookie | $3 Each/$3.25 Individually Wrapped
Sugar Cookie Rolled in Mini Heart Sprinkles | $1.25 Each/$1.50 Individually Wrapped

You will receive an automated email once you hit SUBMIT.  You’ll receive a secondary personal email withing 24-48 hours (weekend withstanding).
Thank You for placing your orders by deadlines listed above before your preferred baking day(s). This helps me to prep for the next day’s baking. If you miss the deadline, no worries, I’m sure I’ll have some overages as baking batches are always uneven. Remember ‘weekend’, this type of baking, is super fun… NO ‘dozen’ MINIMUMS (Full Size) because you’re basically ‘piggy backing’ onto existing orders… so go for that box of 4 or 6 with lots of fun flavors.

If you have any questions, please send us an email

Thank You!