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WEDNESDAY, December 2nd: Cupcakes, 3 Flavors of YUM… Cookies N Dream/CND Remarkably Red Velvet/RRV Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT *Baked Tuesday evening for freshness WEDNESDAY ORDERING DEADLINE: Tuesday 4PM WEDNESDAY PICKUP: 8-9am or TBD THURSDAY, December 3rd: Cupcakes, 2 Flavors of Unique YUM… It’s becoming a new favorite, but we’ve no clever name for now… An homage to Austin’s… More »

CookiesNDream/CND Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT Wonderfully White/WW SATURDAY ORDERING DEADLINE: Friday 5PM SATURDAY PICKUP: 10-Noon *YES you can order a mixed box of minis in three flavors (CND, TCT & WW) for tomorrow…just click ‘weekend baking’ and note in the ‘comment section’.

Have you bought your mom her ‘Mother’s Day’ flowers yet? What about edible flowers? 😉 This box is similar to the ‘Be My Valentine’ box. Perfect for any of the MOMS in your life… friends, sisters, aunts, grandmothers or neighbors! Includes: 1 Full Size Triple Chocolate Temptation Cupcake OR Brilliant Butterfinger (your choice) topped with… More »