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‘Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How lovely (tasting) are your branches’… especially this LAST week of baking! TWO FINAL baking days this week 12/10 & 12/12, 2015 YEAR! And Yes, I have some Christmas baking referrals for you below (scroll to bottom). LAST bake day for the year is 12/12. THURSDAY, December 10th Cupcakes: 3… More »

FOUR Flavors of YUM: Cookies N Dream/CND Strawberry Sensation/SS Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT Wonderfully White/WW SATURDAY ORDERING DEADLINE: Friday 4PM SATURDAY PICKUP: 10-Noon ———————————– Cupcake Prices: Full Size | $3.25 Each No box/green fee for 4 cupcakes or more .65 for box of two (zero profit) Mini Size | $1.625 Each/Order in groups of 12 please… More »

WEDNESDAY, December 2nd: Cupcakes, 3 Flavors of YUM… Cookies N Dream/CND Remarkably Red Velvet/RRV Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT *Baked Tuesday evening for freshness WEDNESDAY ORDERING DEADLINE: Tuesday 4PM WEDNESDAY PICKUP: 8-9am or TBD THURSDAY, December 3rd: Cupcakes, 2 Flavors of Unique YUM… It’s becoming a new favorite, but we’ve no clever name for now… An homage to Austin’s… More »

We SURE hope you had a HaPPy, HaPppYY & Lovely Thanksgiving. We’re certainly THANK-ful for YOU! We invite you to get your ‘HOLIDAY PARTY season’ ordering in online at your earliest convenience… LAST bake day is 12/12 (keep reading for holiday closure). We do sometimes get ‘flavor booked’ during busy seasons, but that’s why we… More »

So, what is a ‘Batch’ or ‘Concierge’ baker you ask? Basically, I bake as I’m booked by clients only. If I’m not booked by clients, I don’t bake. Remember, this batch baking allows me to completely cater to our clients and bake you a ‘crazy fresh’ cupcake right up to your pick up time… of… More »

CookiesNDream/CND Triple Chocolate Temptation/TCT Wonderfully White/WW SATURDAY ORDERING DEADLINE: Friday 5PM SATURDAY PICKUP: 10-Noon *YES you can order a mixed box of minis in three flavors (CND, TCT & WW) for tomorrow…just click ‘weekend baking’ and note in the ‘comment section’.