And The Winners Are…

WEBTAWOutofBoxAnd The Winners ARE…Why YES we added a THIRD winner because we’re so Thankful…

1. Teacher Appreciation Box Social Media Share Contest:
Tanika Haggan |$12 Credit (anytime, no purchase necessary…)
2. Mother’s Day Box Social Media Share Contest:
Jenny Potts |$12 Credit (anytime, no purchase necessary…)WEBMDBox
3. Extra Drawing from all names for the Social Media TAW & MD Box Share Contest:
Stacy Meade |$12 Credit (anytime, no purchase necessary…)
REMEMBER, we’re a Super Small business, so 50-ish, Plus SHARES per box contest is a HUGE, ginormous blessing,… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to you ALL for sharing! We were so humbled that we decided to draw a third name from all 110-ish Total Shares…and yes, we tried to be crazy honest and reshuffled the names after inputting them in our, computer generated program used.

Please Don’t Forget, The Teacher Appreciation and Mother’s Day Box Ordering DEADLINE is Monday May 2nd, MIDNIGHT (2016).

Teacher Appreciation Box Information and Ordering is HERE <3.

Mother’s Day Box Information and Ordering is HERE <3.


Communication ♥: Please read below for heaps of it…ha! Customer Service is HUGE for me…Know that we’re thankful for YOU!

Next week is the FIRST time ever I’m baking FOUR days straight, FOUR flavors of cupcakes (baked daily), TWO fondant toppers, TWO chewy sugar cookies AND THREE decorated sugar cookies for TWO ‘oh so important and fabulous’ holidays…Teacher Appreciation & Mother’s Day! THANK YOU so much for your patience and understanding of my random communication methods! :-)-Melissa

1. Communication from now 4/28 till 5/1 midnight: Intermittently between baking….
I promise to get to your questions, emails, etc. via FB, FB messenger (both personal and business), email (both personal and business), Twitter, Instagram, texts and phone calls. Please, you’re welcome, to go for the questions now because I’ll be ‘radio silent’ SOON…

3. Communication from 5/2-5/8: I’ll be ‘radio silent’ focusing on all online orders. Meaning NO communication. I may reach out to a few of you if I have a question on your order of course. Thank you, Thank you humbly…The online order form is the ONLY way orders are received (esp. during a holiday baking week) and honestly is the #1 way to get my baking attention. I am horribly fearful to miss any detail as they will get lost in texts, FB messenger, etc. The online order form keeps me sane and able to do these super fun boxes for the holidays <3. I’m excited to get baking, meaning arms up to my elbows in baking ingredients soon….
I’ll return to normal business communication Monday 5/9 bright and early!

4. All Teacher Appreciation & Mother’s Day ONLINE orders should receive an immediate EMAIL confirmation. I will also send a second personal EMAIL to confirm. I will be caught up on this hopefully by tonight, tomorrow Saturday 4/30 at the latest.  Apologies, I’ve been baking, ha!

5. LASTLY, Don’t forget, ALL ONLINE ordering for the TAW & MD BOXES, Chewy Sugar cookies and Decorated Sugar Cookies ENDS Monday 5/2 at MIDNIGHT.
While I will bake a bit over my #’s each day, I’ll post these (if any) at the END of the Pick Up window on the ‘ConfectionPerfectionByMelissa’ Facebook page daily. You can order ‘cupcakes only’ online, the day before your preferred pickup day by 4pm. Please see online order forms for ALL details and pickup windows.

We seriously, appreciate you ALL heaps!