And The Winner Is… Easter Baking Deadlines<3.

Winner-copyAnd The Winner IS, OKAY, the TWO winners are…

1. Sherry Fitzgerald |$19.50 Credit (anytime, no purchase necessary…)
2. Erika DeLaVega |$10 Credit (anytime, no purchase necessary…)
REMEMBER, we’re a Super Small business, so 50 SHARES is a HUGE, ginormous blessing,… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to you ALL for sharing! We were so humbled that we decided to draw the second name…and yes, we tried to be crazy honest and reshuffled the names after inputting them in our, computer generated program used.

#2 Shot Easter CookiesHaPPy, HaPPpYyy EASTER to you all and remember TONIGHT, Midnight, is our Cookie deadline and Thursday & Friday are our Cupcakes deadlines for this weekend’s EASTER Baking!

You can find all three baking day details and the online order form here:

I’ll reply to all orders daily via email or text either early am or late pm. Thank you ALL so much again :-)-Melissa #BetterOddsThanTheLottery #BlessedByYou #EasterBakingMarathonStartsNow